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Things to Know about Teak Garden Bench Installation

Teak is favorite material for garden bench. It is strong and durable without complex maintenance. You can have teak garden bench that’s still in good condition for decades. That’s possible, but you should understand few things. Teak is similar to other material that has possibility to be deteriorated.

More about Teak Garden Bench

Garden commonly uses bench for sitting place. For home garden, you can have bench with any style. On the other side, public garden or yard without perimeter uses specific bench with capability to adjust with style and people who attend. That’s why you need to know few things at the below list.

1. Location

Location for teak garden bench means the area to install this furniture. Usually, people add bench at the edge of garden because it provides spacious section at the front part. It is for garden bench with backrest because you only see one view toward front side. That would be different for backless bench since everyone can sit from each side. In that case, you should put the bench at the center in group style. Several benches are arranged side by side for more sitting place.

2. Design and style

Now, it is time to choose what kind of design or style for teak garden bench. Standard bench with backrest is the top choice. It is flexible enough to blend in almost every garden design. You can have it for backyard at home, public garden, kindergarten playground, or private garden in tight space. To bring more artistic aspect, try curve garden with distinct design. It has curve frame from one side to another, not as straight as standard one. You can have half round bench to put at the center with coffee table. For kindergarten, add swing bench to let the kids play joyfully.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance is an effort to keep the bench at good condition. Actually, teak bench does not need much care, except you clean and wash with proper linen and water. During rainy and dry season, the bench will have much dirt or dust. You can use brush to get rid of them then ensure that the sitting place is clean, especially for kids. If the bench is at private garden, cover it when it is not used for long period. It is for preventive protection.

Now, you understand that teak garden bench is not mere furniture. The price is quite high and you should keep it in good condition. Therefore, just follow the steps above in order to keep the bench at good condition every time.

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