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When You Need Window Replacement – Heritage MAXIMUM Collection

When it comes time to replace the windows throughout your home, choosing the right windows for the job is essential. Through the use of the Heritage MAXIMUM Collection, the user is able to get the maximum in benefits from a collection that works with them. This is a great collection that is going to boost their cost savings, their added value and their curb appeal up more than ever. Through the use of the collection at hand, you can feel much more able to enjoy the window replacements being given, as well as the beauty that each one of the windows is offering to the homeowner.

Learn more about the Heritage MAXIMUM Collection to find out what they’re able to provide you with and how they can provide this help when it comes to window replacements. They’re a must in any home with older windows, but know that newer windows also bring a lot of added value and benefits.

Types of Windows in the Heritage MAXIMUM Collection

There are a few types of windows that are offered in the Heritage MAXIMUM Collection. Much like the Heritage collection, this one just adds in extra value with the windows that are sold. They provide more protection, more cost savings and more options for the homeowner to choose from.

  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Slim Fixed Windows
  • Casement Fixed Windows

Benefits of the Replacement Windows in the Heritage MAXIMUM Collection

Each type of window that is put into the home varies in the benefits that it is being offered. With this in mind, it is important to consider all that comes from actually choosing to replace the windows in the home and what you can benefit from when you do. Everyone asks the questions about benefits and cost savings, so it is important to make sure that these are the benefits that actually come with the replacement windows offered through the Heritage MAXIMUM Collection.

  • Many glazing options
  • Reduce the amount of money spent on heating and cooling inside the home
  • Reduces the drafts that are coming and going from the home
  • High profile frames
  • Many color and material options to choose from
  • Better curb appeal and value savings
  • Installation is provided through our knowledgeable installation techs
  • Add strength to the windows and provide more security with the added lock protection
  • Custom creations are available depending on the home and type of window
  • Low profile designs for those homes when a window frame may not be possible
  • Improved air flow and ventilation throughout the home
  • Ease of opening for cleaning, while also providing the user with screens that can be placed inside the openings

There are many benefits to choosing the right window for the home. Through the use of the window opening, you can feel much more confident knowing you have a window that is right there for you to make use of it. Feel good knowing you have the right type of window for the job.

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